Organic Red Chilli

As the name suggests it is red in colour and can be consumed as it is or can be broken down and made into a powder. It is really spicy and the intense heat is concentrated in the seeds. Fresh red chillies are milder.
 Red chilies are usually grounded into a powder and used as a spice

Uses and benefits:

  • Chilli Peppers are sometimes prepared and eaten like a vegetable. The pods can also be dried and then crushed or ground into chilli powder that is used as a spice or seasoning for recipes.
  •  Capsaicin is a chemical in chilli peppers that gives them the flavour and makes them hot. This chemical is used as an analgesic in topical ointments, nasal sprays, and dermal patches to relieve pain.
  •  Chillies are used in several cuisines across the world be it the Indian cuisine, the Chinese cuisine or the Italian cuisine.


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